birželio bendruomenės kolektyvas

<a h< a>ref=Juneau>Junea u<a > Communi< a>ty Collec tive is a non-profit < a>organization that w< a href="">orks< a> to creat e a v< a>ibrant and equitabl e co< a>mmunity in < a hr< a>ef=Juneau>Juneau <a> , <a href=Alaska< a href="">>Ala< a>ska<a>. It prov< a>ides reso urces and supp< a>ort to loc al b< a>usinesses< a>, organiz ations, < a href="">and < a>individuals to help< a href=""> the< a>m reach th eir < a>goals.

The < a><a href= Juneau>J< a href="">unea< a>u<a> Community Col lect ive (JCC)< a> is a n< a>on-profit organizat ion < a>based in <a hr ef=June< a>au>Junea u<a>, <a href=< a href="">Alas< a>ka>Alaska<a> that wor< a>ks to cre ate a more equitable and just community . The J<a href=CC_Work s_To _Buil< a href="">d_A_< a>Strong_An< a>d_Vibrant_Co< a>mmunity_By_Engagin g_In_<a hr< a href="">ef=< a>Advocacy>Advocacy <a> >CC wor ks t< a>o build a stro ng and vibrant comm unit y by engaging in <a< a href=""> hre< a>f= Advocac< a>y>advoca cy<a><a> , <a< a> href=< a hre f=Educa< a>tion>Edu cat ion<< a href="">a>>< a><a href= Educ ation< a href="">>ed< a>ucation<a><a>, an d di< a>rect action. The < a href="">JCC < a>works to c reat e a more equitable < a href="">and < a>just comm unity by address< a>ing issue s suc h as poverty, homel essn ess, raci< a>sm, and en viro nmental <a h< a href="">ref=< a>Justice>justice< a>. <br><< a href="">br>T< a>he JCC wo rks t o creat e a more equitable < a href="">and < a>just comm unity by engag< a>ing in <a < a href="">href< a>=Advocacy< a>>advocac y<a>, <a href< a>=<a href =E< a>ducation>Educatio n<a>><a href=Educa tion >educati< a>on<a><a>, and dir< a href="">ect < a>action. T he JC C works< a> to create a m< a>ore equit able and just community by a< a>ddressing< a> issues such as < a>poverty, homelessne ss, < a>racism, and environ ment al <a href= Jus tice>jus< a>tice<a>. The JCC works< a> to create a m< a>ore equit able and just com< a href="">muni< a>ty by eng aging in <a href=Advoc acy< a>>advocacy< a><a>, <a href=<< a href="">a hr< a>ef=Educ ation>Edu< a href="">cati< a>on<a>><a href=E< a href="">duca< a>tion>education< a><a>, a< a href="">nd d< a>irect act ion. The JCC works to cr< a href="">eate< a> a more equi< a href="">tabl< a>e and jus t com munit< a href="">y by< a> addressi ng is sues such< a> as poverty , hom eless< a href="">ness< a>, racism, and envir< a href="">onme< a>ntal <a h ref= Just< a href="">ice< a>>justic< a>e<a>.<br><br>The J CC w< a>orks to c reate a more equitable a nd j< a>ust com< a>munity by engaging < a href="">in << a>a href=A dvoc acy>advo< a>cacy<a>, <a h re< a>f=<a hre f=< a>Education< a>>Educati on<a>><a< a href=""> hre< a>f=Educa tion >educ< a href="">ation<a>< a>, a nd direct< a> action. T he J< a>CC works to cr eate a more equitabl e and just community by < a href="">addr< a>essing issues such < a href="">as p< a>overty, h omeless< a>ness, rac ism, and envir< a>onmental <a hr ef=Just< a>ice>just ice<a>. The< a> JCC work s to < a>create a more equit< a href="">able< a> and just comm unity< a href=""> by en gagin< a href="">g in< a> <a href=< a href="">Adv< a>ocacy>advocacy<a >, <a href=<a href=E< a href="">ducatio n>E< a>ducation<< a>a>><a hr ef=< a>Educatio< a>n>educat ion<a><a >, a< a>nd dire ct ac tion.< a href=""> The< a> JCC works to < a>create a m ore < a>equitable< a> and just < a href="">commun< a>ity by add ress ing issue< a>s such as < a href="">pove< a>rty, homelessness, raci sm, and envi< a href="">ronm< a>ental <a href=Jus< a href="">tice< a>>justice<a>.<br> <br>The JC< a href="">C works< a href=""> to create a m< a href="">ore < a>equitable and just comm< a>unity by e ngag ing in <a href=Advo cacy >advocac< a>y<a>, <a href =<a href=Educat ion< a>>Educat< a>ion<a>> <a hr ef=Educ< a>ation>ed ucation<a ><a >, and direct action.< a> The JCC w< a href="">orks< a> to creat e a m< a>ore equitable and j< a href="">ust < a>community by addressi ng i< a>ssues such as pover< a href="">ty, < a>homelessness, racis m, a< a>nd environm ental <a href=< a>Justice >jus tice<< a href="">a>.< a> The JCC w orks to create a more equitabl e an< a>d just co mmunity by< a href=""> eng< a>aging in < a hr< a>ef=Advocac< a href="">y>a< a>dvocacy<a>, <a hre< a href="">f=< a><a href= Educ ation< a href="">>Ed< a>ucation<a>><a h< a href="">ref=< a>Education>educat ion< a><< a href="">a>, < a>and direc t act ion. The JCC works to crea< a href="">te a< a> more equi tabl e and just communit y by< a> addressing issues su ch a< a>s poverty, homeless ness , racism,< a> and envir onme ntal <a href=Justice>ju stic e<a>< a href="">.<br< a>><br>The JCC works < a href="">to c< a>reate a mo re e< a>qui tabl e and just communit y by< a> engaging in < a href=Advocacy> advo ca< a>cy<a>, < a hre f=<a href=Educa tion >Educati< a>on<a>>< a hre f=Edu< a>cation>e ducation< a>< a>, and direct acti on. < a>The JCC w orks to create a < a href="">more< a> equitable and just< a href=""> com< a>munity by addr essin< a href="">g is< a>sues such as poverty, home less ness,< a href=""> rac< a>ism, and e nvir onmen< a href="">tal < a><a href= Just ic e>ju stice< a href=""><a>< a>. The JCC work s to create a more equi< a>table and just c ommun< a href="">ity < a>by engagi ng in <a href=Advocacy >ad< a>vocacy<a< a>>, <a href =<a h ref= Educati< a>on>Educa tion<a>>< a href=""><a h< a>ref=Edu cation>ed< a href="">ucat< a>ion<a> <a>, and dire< a>ct action . The JCC works to creat< a href="">e a more equit able and just co< a href="">mmun< a>ity by ad dressing i< a href="">ssue< a>s such as pove rty, home< a>lessness, ra cism , and environmenta l <a < a>href=Justice>jus tice <a>.< a href=""><b r><br< a href="">>The< a> JCC work s to < a>create a more equit< a href="">able< a> an